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Exeltis is a pharma company, that seeks to contribute to a world where women have the power to choose a healthy life.


For every woman at every stage of her life



Planifica lo que eres y guiarás lo que serás.

We created al stand with the aim of increasing the positioning of Exeltis, while raising awareness in women that they can make their own decisions regarding contraception and have control of their body and their lives, to encourage possible Slinda prescriptions.
"I know that the reproductive cycle influences my life as a woman, but I do not want it to determine a single path for me to live it."


For this reason, we showed them that
more than living reproductive cycles,
they live life moments. That are marked by decisions they make and guide their paths.
Where self-knowledge will give them the power to choose the life path they want to live.
That is why we transformed our stand into a statement about the power that knowing themselves gives them, to make decisions about their lives. In this way, we gave control of the stand to the attendees, where they could paint the illustrations in it that best represent the stages they have already lived and how they wanted to be those they have not yet experienced.
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